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Inspired by early Blues legends, country, and rock & roll artists. Dr. Hall is a singer/songwriter whose music shares the hard luck and trouble experienced by so many as well as a love for life.  Dr. Hall performs solo and with the Blues Practitioners.  Dr. Hall hosts the popular Dr. Hall's Singer/Songwriter Showcase at Luna's Cafe in Sacramento and at Nicholson's MusiCafe in Folsom.  Dr. Hall does these showcases pro bono in order to provide performance opportunities for new singer/songwriters, provide a showcase for new recording artists and to support local music.  Dr. Hall provides a supportive performing space for performers.  Dr. Hall also promotes local music through the Dr. Hall Medicine Show.  Dr. Hall's Medicine Show performs around Northern California  and provides a variety show featuring different genres of musics and artists.  It is what the doctor ordered. 

About Dr. Hall